Announcing PINC’s Summer 2019 10-Week Internship in Madrid

Announcing PINC’s Summer 2019 10-Week Internship in Madrid

As the leaves begin to fall, students are already looking ahead to Summer 2019 for exciting opportunities. PINC International is excited to announce our new and improved Summer 2019 10-Week Internship in Madrid! We listened to our past participants wish that they could have had more time, and extended the internship two more weeks! This internship is an incredible opportunity for young woman to gain international experiences in language learning, cultural immersion, and hands-on professional experience.

Here’s a sneak peak at what next year’s program will look like:

PINC International Internship Overview

10-Week Internship Program: Saturday, May 25, 2019 to Saturday, Aug 3, 2019

  • Week 1: Intensive Spanish Classes at an accredited Language Academy
    • We begin our program with Spanish classes to build students confidence to communicate. The language academy is accredited by Instituto Cervantes, the highest form of accreditation a language school can receive in Spain.
  • Week 2: 9-Week Internship Placement (Monday to Thursday 8 hours per day)
    • Internship placements are organized based on each student’s past experience, current studies, and future goals.
      • Skill assessments and resume review/revision is completed with students before interviewing with our vetted host companies.
    • After both parties confirm the placement, PINC International provides any necessary paperwork to confirm the position.
  • Fridays are dedicated to Cultural Activities that integrate students into the history and current climate of the country. Some examples of past cultural activities include:
    • Madrid Walking Tour
    • Royal Retiro Park
    • Boat Rides at Retiro Park
    • Madrid Royal Palace
    • Reina Sofia Museum
    • Prado Museum
    • Royal Tapestry Factory
  • Professional Development Workshops, Mentorship, Networking Events, and Meet & Greets in Madrid.
  • Renovate My Resume Personal Pitch and Resume revisions (one-on-one session)
    • After the completion of the program, students will work with an executive headhunter and job search expert and focus on personal branding.
  • Informational Interview with TWO business executives
    • After the program, we offer students a list of professional executives in various fields, many in Fortune 500 companies, who support and advocate for PINC International. Students select two executives who will offer invaluable career guidance and coaching through a 30-minute informational interview.
  • PINC Alumna Private Group
    • Upon completing the program, each student receives access to the private PINC Professional Facebook group. This network continues to empower PINC participants through support, guidance, and encouragement.

Price Includes:

  • Pre-departure orientation: online group Q&A about general questions ie. packing, arrival at customs, exchanging money, using credit cards and cell phone, introduction to safety tips, and more.
  • Shared housing (Located in a safe neighborhood, fully-furnished, with WiFi, and cleaning services)
  • 24/7 in-country Program Coordinator:
    • The Coordinator is available by text 24/7 and schedules weekly check-in in-person visits with students. They are the go-to person for any questions about the city and is there to support the students in case any issues are to arise. This role is in constant and direct communication with the owner and founder of PINC International.
  • Airport arrival pick-up and assistance organizing drop-off to airport
  • UNLIMITED one-month metrocard (includes metro & buses)
  • SIM card with data
  • PINC Mobile App: A support tool with emergency contacts, guides, and schedule
  • International travel insurance (valid for one year)
  • International student discount card (valid for one year)
  • Welcome pack with maps, local discount cards, SIM, metro pass, etc.
  • Assistance with weekend travel arrangements

Who We Are

PINC International LLC is an initiative that empowers young women through international internship opportunities. These internships give them a more professional and competitive edge on students’ resumes. PINC is the only international internship provider to specialize in international internships designed for ambitious, open-minded, and adventurous young women.

Our programs foster personal and professional growth in women through international immersion and internships abroad.

We provide a smooth and comprehensive experience from start to finish, and our team communicates transparently with students, parents, and faculty to manage expectations each step of the way. Since its founding in 2014, PINC International has facilitated programming for ten different intern cohorts in Madrid, Spain, providing young women with an unbeatable experience that combines structured personal and professional development, language learning, and cultural immersion.

What We Do

PINC International provides an international professional sisterhood built authentic connections. Because our program is dedicated to young women, we are able to curate conversations, workshops, and events that are specific to their experiences. From campus culture, current events, and reflection on future goals, we aim to create a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Our 10-week internship program is designed to enhance students’ resumes with a competitive edge by immersing them in a language and culture distinct from their own.

Each student is placed in an organization that supports and challenges them in equal measure. Placements are designed to be aligned with students’ professional area of interest, enabling young women to work with inspiring professionals, bringing their academic knowledge to life through experiential learning, and furthering their career goals. This opportunity brings value to the young women through developing sought after qualities such as global awareness, cultural competence, and language proficiency.

If you think your students would be interested in PINC’s 10-Week Summer 2019 Internship contact Lisette Miranda or have them visit PINC International to download the 2019 booklet for more information!

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