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How many per group?

PINC accepts 15 students per group. We do this to ensure quality control and safety. Each group has a City Manager, whose job is to solely be there to support and guide groups through the city and to have the best experience abroad as possible. Although we only accept 15 students at a time there is a plethora of opportunity for students to interact and meet others. Spanish classes host other students from across the globe, certain cultural activities are in a group settings and mingling is encouraged. There is also networking events to meet and engage with locals. PINC’s mission to to create a bespoke and unforgettable experience abroad that will continuously give back upon returning back home.

What is the difference between the Internship & Immersion programs?
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Do I need to be in college to participate in the program?

No! We offer the program to any young women who are 18 years old and over. If you are recent graduate you are more then welcome to apply. We have had students from 18 years of age to 28. We love the diversity and experience.

Is there a GPA requirement?


Why? Because Lisette, the founder, was on academic probation TWICE in college and found that her GPA limited her opportunities to participate in clubs and certain work experiences*.

That’s NOT how the real-world works. Your GPA doesn’t predicate if you’re going to be a supportive teammate, adaptable, kind, have a sense of humor when something doesn’t go to plan, etc! These are the qualities we look for in our candidates.

PINC’s application process prides itself on a personal experience where you chat with Lisette about your past experience, your current studies and future goals. We look for well-rounded young women, who will represent themselves and PINC with high regard and respect.

*Lisette subsequently was the cover of UAlbany’s Magazine Fall 2014 “30 Under 30” and ranked #2, and has been a guest speaker for Albany Center for Entrepreneurship and World of Entrepreneurship.

Do I need to have a specific Major to intern abroad?

Nope. We have worked with students who are finance, marketing, fashion, nursing, political science, and more. We love diversity and we ensure that students are paired up with the right people in their field for internships, mentoring and shadowing. This type of diversity brings more value to each students experience.

What systems does PINC have in place to keep students SAFE?

Before students head to Spain they are encouraged to register in STEPS. The Embassy also has a system to notify people of specific travel alerts and pertinent information via email. Registration to receive these messages is done by enrolling online in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). Here is a direct link to the STEP enrollment page: https://step.state.gov/step/


Enrolling in STEP is a free service, and offers several advantages. By enrolling you will not only receive email messages of interest from the Embassy, but it also helps the Embassy know where to contact individuals in case of an emergency.


The State Department has a web site with a wealth of information about Spain for Americans who are traveling or studying abroad, including safety information. The web site is travel.state.gov.  You simply need to type in the country in question (in this case Spain) in the space where it says “Learn about your destination”. Here is a direct link to the page about Spain: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/country/spain.html

Students have continuous contact with Lisette, the program director, before they departure, it should also be emphasized that she will be with the students in Madrid during the entirety of their stay. In addition to Lisette’s support students will also have access to your program coordinator for any issue that may arise. At PINC we provide you a constant system of support before, during, and after your time abroad in Madrid.

Can I participate in more than one PINC program?

Of course! If you decide to do any of the programs and return to do another we are always happy to take you back and even work out ways to make your experience even more unique. Maybe adding informational interviews? an additional mentor in another area of your interest? have you set some goals prior to arrival and work with Lisette directly with some one-on-one sessions, to ensure you achieve them while you are there.

With regards to the PINC Summer Programs
  • How are internship placement sorted? With regard to your question about internship placement and how that works. We chat to each student about past work experience, current studies and future goals. With those three components we do a 360-degree assessment of your needs and wants. From there we give you the best recommendations for placements that will achieve that. Each internship placement is customized, we vet through all the companies for you. You just show up for the Skype interview and be your fabulous self.


  • Which companies offer internships? We will be working with many different types of companies for internship placements. This includes large global names like AMEX, Olympic Broadcasting Services, and dynamic start up companies such as Actors Agency, Language academies based in Madrid. Most importantly we maintain strong and ongoing communication with PINC interns and their needs. Based on this information we will be able to approach a variety of companies to ensure interns are placed in an environment that will allow the to contribute and learn throughout their internship duration.


  • Is school credit provided? With PINC there is definitely opportunity to receive credit for your time abroad. We work directly with students to effectively communicate with their school.  We make sure that students have a strong case to present to their school and we are always available to speak with school advisor directly. We have worked with several universities to successfully award students credit.


  • Which departments are available? It’s up to the intern. During the enrollment process we will be discussing your needs, goals and past and future studies. The PINC program is perfect for those interested in trying something new. If you have spent your time in college studying Marketing and want to use your internship opportunity to see the ins and outs of Finance, we will place you in a company where you will be able to work in the finance department.


  • Will there be other interns in the company? It depends. Based on the company and their available intern positions there is a possibility that you will have another PINC intern in the same company.


  • Are the internships paid? These are not paid internships. With that said, we want to be very clear that we have strong communication with each internship and they are aware you are not there to be “cheap labor”. We provide each company with a manual of what the PINC program is looking for in an internship placement. We meet each coordinator and ensure that you will be working on a project or in an atmosphere with you will be supported and be able to hone and learn new skills. Does this mean you will have to learn how to use the photocopier, scanner, run to the post office and help locate a pen ( because there is always a pen thief in the office who strategically hides them to make your life miserable)? YES! We all have to do that, and that’s part of being on team. More importantly, companies know that you are  a professional in training who is capable of contributing to large tasks and projects and working on teams, looking to learn new skills and add to cultural diversity.


  • Will I have a chance to meet the other PINC girls? Absolutely! There will be a welcome lunch, which will serve as a meet and greet. The first week all interns will be at the same Spanish school, La Aventura Española, and will have plenty contact time and be together during the cultural activities. There will be plenty of time to build relationships and strengthen your presence within the PINC community. During the 6 weeks of work placement there will be networking events to attend as a group and the last week will be filled with group training sessions as a team.


  • Will there be someone responsible for me in my department? Of course. We will be organizing the internship placement with a representative of each company and PINC will be in contact with them often. Interns will have a point of contact in each company.


  • What is the cost of the Internship program? The cost is $6999 USD. The breakdown of what the includes can be found here.


  • What is the cost of the immersion program? The cost is $3299 USD. The breakdown of the program can be found here.


  • Why should I consider this program? Honestly we are a one stop shop! You are placed in an internationally based company to build skills and contribute to a team. You learn a language and then get to practice it every day. Not only that, its Spanish! One of  the most widely spoken languages globally. Also, you get to live abroad in Madrid. Interning abroad on your summer vacation is “two birds one stone” or immerse yourself in a wonderful culture. In addition, you have a full week of training courses specifically designed for women in business, where you will be building your personal and professional profile, as well as attending networking events with other international business people where you will be building you networking foundation and connections.
Is there an age requirement?

Yes. PINC participants must be 18 years of age by the start of the program.

How do I obtain a passport?

For passport information and this is the best link here and this web page breaks down the steps in a very clear manner http://www.wikihow.com/Get-a-US-Passport.

Do I need a visa?

No Visa is required if you have a US passport. As the programs are only 2 or 8 weeks, you will only need a passport. The USA passport alone can be used as a tourism visa, which means you are allowed to stay and travel throughout Europe for 12 weeks. Since the program is two months you have plenty of time before and after to travel!

What are my housing options?

We work with Student Accommodation Madrid housing company we have been using for years. We organize shared apartments for PINC participants. The apartments will located in the city center, which will make getting around very simple. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with tableware, sheets, towels, electrical appliances, internet … all you need to do is arrive, unpack and relax.

What can I expect from the PINC program?

Inspiration and motivation aka a fabulous, fierce female! PINC offers fun and attainable structure. Our participants are young adults and will want some independence and we get that. Its also summer and you want to enjoy your time, and we TOTALLY get that! PINC insures that throughout your time with us you will have direction, have purpose and you will shine.

When should I apply?

Whenever you are ready!

Is the application process competitive?

Yes and No. We wish we could say this program is for everyone, but realistically it isn’t. No its not competitive in the sense of your past studies or work experience, we love diversity! If your experience is in Psychology, Business, Math, Dance, etc., you are all on the same playing field in the PINC application process. However, it is competitive with drive and ambition. We have an interview with each candidate to learn more about what PINC applicants hope to learn and accomplish during their time on a program. We have a strong focus on the individual and look for participants that will be open, excited, motivated and responsible on this program.

Do I have to be a US citizen, or can other nationalities participate?

We are open to other nationalities participating in the PINC Internship placement program.

Are there age limits for the programs?

Nope! As long as you are open minded and ready to challenge yourself we want to learn more about you. If you have any reservations, of any kind, its always best for us to schedule a time to talk directly.

Will I have free time during my program?

Absolutely. It’s Europe and there is so much to do and see. You will have most weekends free to schedule trips and through out the week you will have most evenings free to enjoy the beautiful city of Madrid and its surround treasures.

How do I apply?

Please visit our application page or email info@pincinternational.com/. We are here to answer any and all questions!

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