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How it Works – Application Process

We view the PINC experience in three ways, the pre, during, and post experience. The application process is part of the pre PINC experience, and most importantly its simple. Here is what you can expect from the process.

1) Apply online – Fill in the application below. Relax. Be simple and clear with your answers. We interview all applications because we look at candidates through a 360-degree lens.

3) Interview – We will receive a follow-up email once your application is submitted, and a link to book a time to schedule a phone chat. The interview takes about 45 minutes where we’ll assess your past experience, current studies, future goals, and main motivating factor to be part of our family. Find a comfortable and quiet space to chat. Have a cup of water or hot tea, your questions and notes, and we promise the chat will be painless.

4) Interview Outcome –24-48 hours after your interview you’ll be informed of your applications outcome to join our Internship Program by email. The acceptance email letter will detail how to confirm your spot.

5) Confirmation – Spots are competitive for our internship programs and we ask that successful applicants confirm their places in our program by paying a deposit within a reasonable timeframe from receiving the acceptance email.

6) You’re in! – Once we have received your deposit you will have formally secured a spot in our program. After receiving your deposit payment we’ll begin working on your internship placement, add you to the private chat group, and welcome you to our program by providing you with all the Pre-Departure Information that you need.

Remember: Filling out an application and scheduling an interview comes with NO COMMITMENT. Knowledge is power and we want you to be as powerful as possible when selecting the best internship abroad program for you!

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PINC International LLC believes in equal opportunity. Each PINC student is handled on a case by case basis. Age, studies and previous work experience is all taken into account differently. We believe that each women should have the chance to tell us why they are perfect for PINC, and we look forward to hearing why!