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Who We Are

PINC International LLC is an initiative that empowers young women through international internship opportunities in an effort to give them a more professional and competitive edge on their resume. PINC is the only international internship provider to specialize in international internships designed for ambitious, open-minded, and adventurous young women. Our programs foster personal and professional growth in women through international immersion and internships abroad. We provide a smooth and comprehensive experience from start to finish, and our team communicates transparently with students, parents, and faculty to manage expectations each step of the way. Since its founding in 2014, PINC International has facilitated programming for ten different intern cohorts in Madrid, Spain, providing young women with an unbeatable experience that combines structured personal and professional development, language learning, and cultural immersion.

What We Do

PINC International provides a professional sisterhood built on networking and making authentic connections. Because our program is dedicated to young women, we are able to curate conversations, workshops, and events that are specific to their experiences. From campus culture, current events, and reflection on future goals, we aim to create a safe and supportive atmosphere. Our 10-week internship program is designed to enhance students’ resumes with a competitive edge by immersing them in a language and culture distinct from their own. Each student is placed in an organization that supports and challenges them in equal measure. Placements are designed to be aligned with students’ professional area of interest, enabling young women to work with inspiring professionals, bringing their academic knowledge to life through experiential learning, and furthering their career goals. This opportunity brings value to the young women through developing sought-after qualities such as global awareness, cultural competence, and language proficiency.

Why We Are The Expert

PINC International founder, Lisette Miranda, lived in Spain for five years, where she worked in international education and completed a Masters in Bilingual and Multicultural Education. This is where she became passionate about creating professional networks to empower women. Since then, she has assembled a team of experts in education and professional development to help shape the next generation of female business leaders, with an alumnae network of over 100 young women from 25 colleges and universities. Lisette Miranda is a nominee for the Mentor of the Year Award 2018 by the Women in International Education Awards 2018. The WIE Awards celebrate the amazing work that women and men are doing in our industry in the name of gender equality, much of which goes largely unnoticed. Lisette was also listed as “30 Under 30” by her alma mater, University at Albany, and ranked number two in the magazine special. She is also the international internship designer for Geneva Business School. By providing students with international business experience and by giving them the resources that foster and develop invaluable and favorable skills, PINC International students gain a competitive professional edge.

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