Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Parent Testimonials

Michael O., Indiana, Father

“I was totally freaked out about sending my daughter to Spain for eight weeks. I knew at 20 years old she could deal with it but I wondered if I could. The apartment was great. The people were great, Lisette was great. My daughter learned more than I ever guessed she would. I would not have kept her from this experience for anything. Thank you so much. It was all fantastic!”


Doug A., Illinois, Father

“My daughter had a fabulous experience during her PINC internship in Spain this summer (2014). Lisette did a great job coordinating the accommodations, logistics, and associated activities. The internship itself was a great success and Ashley learned a lot while being exposed to an international lifestyle and work environment. Thank you Lisette and PINC for looking after my daughter. Safety and security was well done by you folks.”


Michele M., Indiana, Mother

“My daughter had an amazing summer during her PINC internship! We were apprehensive at first, but once we spoke with Lisette and could hear the passion and dedication she has for PINC, my husband and I felt comfortable with our decision…and what a great decision it was for Erica!”

Internship Testimonials
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Harley Barnard Class of 2019

Major: Business Administration

“I learned so many different skills during my time working at my internship placement. I was able to bring that knowledge back to school with me, and apply my experience with class materials and topics. One of my major tasks during my internship was to optimize the company’s CRM. I had only learned about in class, but had never actually used in person, nor had the opportunity to understand it holistically. Its proven that the skills I gained during my participating with PINC International benefit my future business endeavors.”


Maddie Combs Class of 2019

Major: Business Administration

“PINC International was an amazing experience. I was looking for a program that would allow me to travel while still gaining international business experience. I learned skills that will boost my resume through my business placement. The other girls on the program allowed me to have a sense of community in a new country. Through this program, I was able to have an amazing summer! I felt supported through the entire program and made so many connections.”



Cierra Marie Lamen Class of 2020

Major: English Major

Minor: Applied Communication Studies

“… Finding this program was a miracle. I would have never thought to look for a program abroad. I knew it was time to do something for myself and branch out without the comfort of family or friends. I went on the program alone and left with a new network of friends from across the united states. This trip was something that changed my outlook on the world and I was able to come back to campus and class with a fresh perspective on my goals and future plans. It was worth the long flight. It was worth the time. It was worth the price. This experience was an amazing start to my travels and exploration of the world and self.”


Jennifer Petrovich Class of 2017
Columbia University 

PINC International has been the single most transformative program I have ever taken part in. It not only allowed me to put everything I learned in school and life to the test, but it also taught me how to be a better student, collaborator, creator, colleague, and friend so that when I returned I could contribute more to campus and the world. The program’s balanced structure allows its students to slowly gain confidence and independence in navigating themselves through a foreign country – an undeniably crucial component in becoming world citizens.

One component I felt lacked in Columbia’s curriculum was practical experience. This program, as it was completed in the second half of my Columbia career, allowed me to apply my own philosophy to the real world that was developed primarily through Literature Humanities and Contemporary Civilizations. Instead of letting my thoughts bubble up and stay within the small community in and around campus, they were able to further develop and flourish by being placed in a different type of society and becoming apart of a completely different way of life. My conclusions that I stood firmly by after those two years were smashed and rearranged during and after the program, which made me not only a more interesting person to have a deep conversation with in the classroom, but a strong international businesswoman for the future.

Lisette, the founder, made herself exceptionally available before, during and after the program and eased every wild concern I had before traveling abroad (I have to admit, I was a handful…sorry!). But now looking back at how impactful the program was on me, I can’t thank her enough. After completing the 2-week immersion program, I felt so inspired and confident in myself that I later returned to the country to complete an internship program for a semester, again in the summer to be a City Manager for the program, then again post grad to fulfill international work desires. She’s helped me with everything I’ve ever asked for to this day, from how to deal better with people, how to manage school, to opening up my own international company. I feel especially empowered by the alumni and women empowerment groups she runs. I hope to be a boss like her one day and spread the inspiration and empowerment that she taught me to other females around the world. Thank you, Lisette and PINC International. 10/10 recommend.

Internship Testimonials
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Lexie Noyes Class of 2018

Major: Mass Communications/ Advertising

Minor: Spanish

“My internship abroad taught me the ins and outs of successful marketing practices for business. I learned how to manage social media platforms, analyze target markets, edit photos, create graphics, and network with others in a foreign language. The programs I was using at my internship made my resume stand out and definitely helped me better understand the marketing world I wanted to be in. Not only was I learning how to use these applications, but I was learning how to do it all IN SPANISH. I value my experience at my internship every single day.

Upon coming home and starting my senior year of college, I started preparing for the real world. The skills I learned in my internship aligned with my studies. I eased my way through design class, created a website from scratch for my mom’s small business, and my Spanish presentations were well articulated; all because of the skills I had picked up on while I was in Madrid. My classmates and professors were noticing my improvement and even complimented me. Skills from my placement helped me land a SECOND internship, as well as a scholarship in the School of Mass Communications at SIUE. I felt so proud that I was being recognized for something I was so passionate about.

I now have my first full-time job as a marketing administrator for a regional airline in St. Louis, Missouri. During my interview, I remember them being impressed with my experience abroad and wanted to know more. The skills I learned at my internship provided by PINC International has helped me SO much in the real world and I would do it all again if I could.”



Kim Kirkman Class of 2018

Business Administration with an emphasis in Management

“By taking a leap of faith and applying for the PINC internship, I was able to focus in on what I wanted to do in life. Working with LETS Education as their marketing intern, I realized marketing wasn’t my strong suit; however, I learned more about the marketing world by doing hands-on SEO research, then I could in a classroom. Having an international internship under my belt has also helped me grow as a person and understand more of the world around me. I would never change my experience for the world and I think every woman should open her mind to traveling abroad with PINC!”



Erin O’Flaherty Class of 2018

Major: Psychology and Exercise Science

Minor: Nutrition

“My PINC International internship experience shifted my narrow midwestern regional view to a global perspective in 8 weeks. I was immersed in Spanish culture and exposed to many other people and cultures from all over the world. PINC provided me the opportunity to work alongside individuals from Spain, England, and different regions of the United States, all of who taught, guided and influenced my knowledge, work ethic and understanding of business from an international standpoint. I was able to bring all of the new experiences and skills I had learned to SIUE in the Fall to work for Student Government and with the Student Body. I look forward to applying the experiences and knowledge I gained from the PINC International Program in my future career in the allied health field when working with patients from different regions, countries, and cultures.”



Ashlyn Cadle Class of 2018

Major: I/O Psychology

Minor: ER Sociology

“PINC international truly prepared me for the future in a way no other experience could. Going abroad and gaining professional skills through workshops is something I will never forget and something that has given me the confidence to walk into an interview knowing I’m well qualified. Without PINC, I wouldn’t have been offered the job I just was. The resume template I used to apply was one provided to us through a resume workshop we participated in at PINC. The job entailed that I have some knowledge and background working with other cultures. Without PINC, I wouldn’t have even received an interview, but now I have a career.”


Sydney Segal Class of 2017
Columbia University 

I live by the personal motto “make your comfort zone an uncomfortable place.” Being at a school like Columbia definitely challenged me and made me want to push the boundaries of what I defined as “comfortable.” I found out about PINC initially from a friend, then again from a flyer in Butler Library. For me, interning abroad was the perfect way to mingle my affinity for travel, yet bolster my resume. My experience as a PINC intern was incredible since it allowed me to not only improve my Spanish and meet new people (both locals and other girls on the program), but also endure immense personal growth. After PINC, I was inspired and I took on an internship that next semester and even started studying Portuguese. It helped me grow as a student and young professional.

Lisette’s leadership and vision are in line with what Columbia University preaches: diversity and inclusion. Cultural awareness is so important in this globalized world and by giving young women a competitive edge on their resumes, the gender gap will slowly close. She’s a true mentor and inspiration. Post graduation I went back to Madrid, so I guess it is safe to say PINC changed my life.