Benefits of Going Abroad

Interning abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences
for a college student.

Intercultural Communication




Emotional Intelligence

Problem Solving

Foreign language proficiency

General improvement in communications skills

Increased confidence, initiative, and independence

Greater flexibility and sense of humor

Awareness of global economic and political issues and realities

Ability to maintain an open mind and be tolerant of others

Clarification of goals and improved self-awareness

General travel skills

Resource management


Problem solving and crisis management

Listening and observation

“Good news. I accepted a full time job offer from an advertising agency yesterday, yay! I wanted to tell you that the first thing people asked me about when interviewing was about PINC and my trip to Spain. I thought that was awesome, and I think it played a huge role in landing me a job-it really started the conversation smoothly and I even met 2 people who have traveled to Spain numerous times. Simple way to get a connection in off the bat. So thank you again for everything.” – Stephanie L., Western Michigan University

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