Why you’ll love PINC

A program filled with internship, Spanish, networking, mentoring, travel and summer Madrid fun…It’s hard not to LOVE PINC!

International Networking Events in Madrid.

International Networking Events in Madrid.

To start, it’s hard NOT to love PINC.

Fun: It’s your summer and you are supposed to have fun! Working in an international company, living in a foreign country, and studying other languages are all impressive accomplishments. PINC has put everything into place to give you the boost you need, personally and professionally. We encourage you to enjoy the process throughout, because you deserve it after all your hard work!

Madrid is centrally located in Spain and grants you the independence and accessibility to explore not only within the country borders, but around Europe as well. Madrid is an amazing city to live and work in – especially in the summer months. It’s cosmopolitan nature filled with endless cultural events and excitement is sure to keep you on your feet for the entirety of your trip.

Nowadays, the stress of getting work experience before and after graduating from college can be daunting. It’s supposed to be challenging and a rite of passage, but who said the fun had to be completely removed? NO ONE! We make sure all activities throughout the PINC program incorporate a fun and memorable experience. While in the program, we will be taking a weekend trip to the beaches of Valencia. You will get to know the lovely ladies in your program even better and start building long-lasting relationships that you will carry with you long after you leave PINC.

Every week there will be an international networking event that everyone must attend. This will ensure that when you leave, you will have made global connections that you can add to your existing professional network. While taking your Spanish intensives the first two weeks, you will attend three cultural activities a week in order to get yourself acclimated in your new city. Cultural activities will range from city tours, tapa tasting, making sangria, and dancing to name a few.

PINC is looking forward to making your 8 weeks with us the most challenging, inspiring, and memorable learning experience possible. This is how we know you will love PINC!

The relationships developed and the sights seen will be something you’ll talk to others about in the internship program, as well as your family and friends once you get back home.  You’ll love us even more when the program ends, because your professionalism will be at such ease and comfort it will become second-nature.

Weekly Networking and Spanish Language Events.

Weekly Networking and Spanish Language Events.


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