Who can apply?

PINC: international programs for strong, ambitious women

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Who can apply to PINC

PINC Interns are fabulous, ambitious, and ready for a Spanish adventure.

Who can apply to PINC?

In theory, anyone can apply to be a PINC intern. We have an open door policy on all applications so theres no limit to who can apply.  With that said, we want to make it clear that while we are not elitist, we are fussy.  We don’t really focus on who you know and what college you go to. What we do focus on is that you have the attitude and aspirations to be become part of the PINC legacy – and we don’t use the word lightly!

We are looking for young women who can see the new opportunities beyond any of the programs.  This is about growing as a person, understanding the differences in cultures, making connections through networking opportunities that will support you through your professional career, and doing it all with a positive attitude.

Our interns all have one thing in common  – the drive to make their time abroad count.  We have had introvert, extrovert, quirky, over achievers, and everything in between!  Each has had their own personal obstacles to overcome.  The introvert needs help to find their voice at networking opportunities so that they do not blend into the background. The extrovert needs to learn to temper their enthusiasm so they are taken seriously. The quirky one needs to learn when to play to it and went to act more main stream so their point is heard, and the over achiever needs to learn to bond with others and see them as colleagues and not competitors.  Whatever your story is, we encourage you to be willing to face the obstacles and, with our help, overcome them.

Finally, you also need to be able to have fun and let loose when it is appropriate. Finding the balance between the professional you and the personal you is crucial in order for both live side by side in a harmonious synergy.

So if you are open, positive, and looking for an opportunity to grow, network, and learn, then the chances are you will successfully secure a spot with us.

Please take the time to hear directly from past students who have done our program and experienced their growth:

Interested in scheduling a chat to learn more? Please visit our application page or email info@pincinternational.com. We are here to answer any and all questions!

Students exploring Retiro Park in Madrid.

Students exploring Retiro Park in Madrid.


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