What’s PINC?

Dynamic programs located in Madrid exclusively tailored for young women!

A message to future PINC participants, from Founder Lisette Miranda

A message to future PINC participants, from Founder Lisette Miranda

PINC is a state of mind. Some say, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” The PINC programs believes it’s a bit of both!

PINC: Professional Immersions for Networking & Connections is a female-focused educational and adventurous opportunity that offers internship and immersion programs in Spain. We currently offer 4 programs throughout the year.

Madrid 8-week summer internship

Madrid 2-week summer immersion program

Madrid 2-week winter immersion program

Barcelona 2-week summer immersion

PINC is for young women (+18) who want to live abroad, practice Spanish, network with professionals, build hard and soft skill sets and experience Spain like a local.  This unique program leaves students inspired, empowered and excited to show off their improved resume!

PINC believes that empowering and educating young women on an international level is the key to building confident and innovative leaders of the future!

Here are the PINC programs:

8-week Summer Internship Program

The PINC Summer Internship program will be an unforgettable summer! There are interactive Spanish classes and fun ‘Discover Madrid’ activities. Discover Madrid activities can range from tapas tour around the city, flamenco dance classes, gazpacho making, boat rides in the famous Retiro park, museum visits, etc. Your internship placement at international corporations, 5 professional workshops, networking events, and mentorship. You will leave with a resume filled with international work experience, added language skills and global references. Not only that, a long list of new networking contacts, a mentor and a fun summer in Madrid! For a week by week break down please visit here.

2-week Summer Immersion Program

This PINC Summer Immersion program is a 2-week program focusing on exploring Madrid while exploring your personal and professional strengths. These 3- weeks are filled with Spanish classes, networking, mentoring, workshops, travel and exploring beautiful Madrid! This program will be allow you to dive right into the Spanish lifestyle while building skills to enhance your resume. Please read a more detail breakdown here.

2-week Winter Program

New year and a better you! The PINC winter program fits perfectly during your winter break. Spend 14 days in Madrid. The program focuses on personal and professional development, becoming culturally immersed in Madrid, an exclusive peak into how an international Spanish corporation is successfully run and building your network of contacts. These two weeks are going to be filled with beneficial workshops and activities. After the two weeks, you will leave feeling confident personally and professionally, and with a true sense of the Spanish lifestyle! For a day by day break down please visit here.

Both include a full equipped private room in a safe residence in Madrid’s city center, cell phone number, onsite coordinator available 24/7, insurance, airport pick up, assistance with travel arrangements, welcome pack, pre and post program online session and more.

Travel – ¡Buen Viaje!:

Dust off that passport and get ready to make unforgettable memories!.

Madrid has so much to offer, especially during the summer and winter time. Madrid is not shy to newcomers and is very welcoming to foreigners from all parts of the world. The city has a lively cosmopolitan feel and modern way of day to day living. Madrid is centrally located in Spain with easy access to the bus, train, and metro stations and airport.

Students day trip to Segovia.

Students day trip to Segovia.

Workshops Specifically Dedicated to Young Women:
All of our students will attend our Professional Development Workshops. These are 3 hour workshops that vary in topic, focusing on hard and soft skills. All workshops are specifically designed to expand on women’s skills in the business world and will allow you to succinctly and effectively communicate your abilities to future employers. These workshops will leave you with new skills, inspiration, and empowerment!

Networking & Connections 

Your time with PINC will be filled with an abundance of opportunity to meet and develop long lasting professional relationships from people around the globe. We attend networking event with other professionals in Madrid. These meet ups will vary from entrepreneurs in Spain to female only business owners. These network events will be primarily in English, so no worries about communicating effectively. We also organize a mentor – it’s more like a ‘Big sister’ ‘Little sister’ experience. PINC mentorship pairs students up with a positive role model and point of contact to keep you focused on goals. With this new pool of connections you will be able to expand and enhance professional possibilities. PINC Professionals consist of women from all over the world and with a diverse range of professional fields, who will be at your disposal once you complete your internship program. A mentor is a very special relationship and will always focus on you improving yourself professionally as well as personally.


Professional Internationals for Networking and Connections - Madrid

Professional Internationals for Networking and Connections – Madrid

After PINC Internship

PINC originated from a professional networking group of women that Lisette founded in Madrid in 2012. PINC – Professional Internationals for Networking & Connections is a global women’s networking group where professionals come together to support, encourage and educate one another. Each meeting aims to inspire and motivate each other while building our professional network. This group is specifically for female entrepreneurs, women who work, and for ladies looking to get inspired. Here you can connect, share tips, swap services and support each other.

Once you are part of that PINC family you become part of a legacy and a community of women who are there to support and encourage you. PINC Professionals consist of women from all over the world and with a diverse range of professional fields. Those in marketing, design, customer service, hospitality, social media, finance, public relation, and technology to name a few. These women will be at your disposal once complete the program.


Interested in scheduling a chat to learn more? Please visit our application page or email info@pincinternational.com. We are here to answer any and all questions!

Would you like a course booklet that goes more into detail about the PINC programs? Please fill out the information below and we will be in touch within the next 24 hours.