Certificate Ceremony

Certificate Ceremony

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Michael O., Indiana, Father

“I was totally freaked out about sending my daughter to Spain for eight weeks. I knew at 20 years old she could deal with it but I wondered if I could. The apartment was great. The people were great, Lisette was great. My daughter learned more than I ever guessed she would. I would not have kept her from this experience for anything. Thank you so much. It was all fantastic!”

Doug A., Illinois, Father

“My daughter had a fabulous experience during her PINC internship in Spain this summer (2014). Lisette did a great job coordinating the accommodations, logistics, and associated activities. The internship itself was a great success and Ashley learned a lot while being exposed to an international lifestyle and work environment. Thank you Lisette and PINC for looking after my daughter. Safety and security was well done by you folks.”

Michele M., Indiana, Mother

“My daughter had an amazing summer during her PINC internship!  We were apprehensive at first, but once we spoke with Lisette and could hear the passion and dedication she has for PINC, my husband and I felt comfortable with our decision…and what a great decision it was for Erica!”

Students out and about exploring Madrid!

Students out and about exploring Madrid!


Elle W. Columbia University, Class of 2017

“I’m so impressed by all the effort Lisette puts into securing us internships, beautiful housing with a prime location, in addition to just really being a role model for us as young women in business. She really gives us such a complete experience and goes above and beyond expectations for a program like this.”

Christiena A. Columbia University, Class of 2018

Interning for Lisette was by far one of the most fun, endearing, and down-to-earth experiences I’ve ever had with a CEO. She was so kind and friendly towards me from the first time we spoke on the phone, to my final day at the company. I’ll never forget how I got the opportunity to meet her!

 As soon as submitted my resume to PINC, she herself took time out of her busy schedule to do a little background research on me in order to get to know me better and have specific, personalized questions for me before our phone interview a few days later. By the end of our phone chat, I knew all about what PINC stood for and how it is beneficial to society for a company like this to continue to grow and expand at such an exponential rate. Another important thing I came to realize was that Lisette was the kind of person and boss I’d love to work for.

 And one week and two rounds of interviews later, I got my chance: there I was, working for PINC CEO Lisette Miranda in Manhattan, New York. I loved every second! Interning for PINC was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would do it all over again!”

Molly O. Indiana University, Class of 2016

“PINC Has been an unforgettable experience that I have learned more from that I possibly could have imagined about myself and my future goals. It has challenged me to keep learning, and that being outside of my comfort zone can be a really healthy thing.”

Sarah S. Barnard College, Class of 2016

“I found out about PINC 2 days before finals ended, was signed up 5 days later (3 weeks before I was supposed to leave). I have never made a better decision, short notice or not!”

Ashley A. Indian University, Class of 2015

“PINC has been the scariest and the best experience I could have done with my summer. It has challenged me to learn more, take in another culture, and build new skills that I didn’t know I had. After 8 weeks, I’m going back to the U.S.A. a more confident women who is excited to expand my growth in the professional field.”

Erica M. Tulane University, Class of 2018

“PINC introduced me to supportive, ambitious and engaging women who were always willing to listen and help. Also, to live and travel around Madrid was a dream come true!”

Meg B. Pittsburgh University, Class of 2014

“When I decided to make the commitment to work abroad in Madrid, I experienced every emotion in the book: excitement, nervousness, eagerness, sadness to leave my friends and family, the list goes on. After my phone interview with Lisette I needed to intern with her company. From the way she spoke about the Madrid, to what her professional expectations of me would be, I knew I would be in good hands. Her bubbly and relatable personality had me eager to make the step towards improving my career. Once I arrived I was in contact with Lisette immediately. I took Spanish classes and loved them! They were fun and I could see the improvements in my Spanish after class one. I also interned at an English training academy where I was able to work in English but also practice my Spanish on a daily basis. My supervisor was attentive and

wanted to help me as much as I wanted to help her. From being pulled aside as a life coach or to light a fire under my butt to get going on an assignment, she was there with me every step of the way—pushing me to become the best I could be. I worked hard for her dedication to me, as her intern, gave me the best summer from all angles: professionalism with a work-life balance. I also traveled a lot on the weekends, from other European countries to cities around Spain – it was incredible and very affordable. My summer was filled with new professional skills, meeting amazing people from around the world as well as learning more about the world through travel. I would recommend any young woman to take the opportunity to do the PINC internship, I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Out exploring Madrid neighborhoods and trying local drinks.

Out exploring Madrid neighborhoods and trying local drinks.


Amanda P. Columbia University, Class of 2018

“Before we came to Spain, Lisette was so great with communication and was quick to respond to any questions we had. We spoke so frequently that I felt like I knew her once we finally met once I landed in Madrid”

Elle W. Columbia University, Class of 2017

“I’m a person who normally is afraid of travel and adjusting to a new environment. For a whole year, Lisette made herself available to me to make sure my summer with PINC would be the best time for me. She answered emails, texts, and phone calls with incredible speed in addition to taking my calls about how to choose the right internship and more. With Lisette by my side the adjustment to living in a brand new country could not have been smoother, and myself and my parents are grateful for her hardwork.”

Sydney S. Columbia University, Class of 2017

“Lisette has been an amazing part in making sure this program is not only incredible, but also making the transition as smooth as possible. She is accessible 100% of the time and I feel comfortable talking to her about any topic.”


Ashley A. Indiana University Class of 2015

“School has been going very good this semester! I have been exceeding greatly in my business classes and I have you and my placement to thank for that!”

“Being able to put the internship on my resume has really made it impressive and companies have been reaching out to me via Facebook particularly because I have that experience! I just wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to be a part of PINC I truly do miss all of you and I miss the PINC meetings with everyone.”

Sarah S. Barnard College Class of 2017

“Recruiters talked to me much longer once I mentioned ‘my recent internship was actually in Madrid this summer’. It felt great! once I mentioned Madrid, the recruiter ended up talking about her time in France and how it was some of the best memories she had of college. It made writing the follow up email easier because I knew for a fact she was going to remember me, and not only that, she contacted me back right away!!!”

Cassandra B. Concordia University, Class of 2015

“Remember 0ur chat a few months back about be starting a career in event planning. Our conversation really allowed me to reflect on my future and gave me the confidence and motivation i needed. I recently graduated university, I have since been taking various event planning related courses, I have been accepted to a private specialized program, as well as recently starting a beginners web design course to work on starting my own website. The hardest part for me has been to expand my network, but slowly and surely I am improving and continuing to grow. Thank you for taking the time to have a simple conversation with me and helping guide me in a positive direction.”

FUN intensive week of Spanish classes (+25 hours of class).

FUN intensive week of Spanish classes (+25 hours of class).


Amanda P. Columbia University, Class of 2018

“My first week in Spanish classes at La Aventura Española was the best introduction to Spain I could have asked for! In class we got to improve our communication skills, learn about Spanish vocabulary and customs, and I had so much fun while doing it.”

Elle W. Columbia University, Class of 2017

“The school, La Aventura Español, that we study at has such a welcoming way of teaching. In just a short week I had such a fun time learning to converse about the world in another language. They provide opportunity to study outside the classroom as well with enjoyable field trips to practice our Spanish in the city.”

Sydney S. Columbia University, Class of 2017

“La Adventura Española is an amazing place to really hone in on your conversation skills without any pressure to be perfect. This is my favorite and most effective way to grasp the language. We have real conversations and use vocabulary that expand beyond the typical textbook.”


Rosie, Marketing Manager and Editor

“I found PINC to be a fantastic, well organised programme that offers interns the chance to gain international professional experience and enjoy the chance to live in a foreign country. From a host company viewpoint, I was lucky enough to work with an enthusiastic young professional, who was eager to learn and work hard.

In today’s climate, employers are ever more increasingly seeking graduates with international experience that can demonstrate hands-on knowledge of a position. PINC Internship offers exactly this, while giving interns the opportunity to embark on an adventure and experience a foreign country and language like a native. PINC offers in eight weeks what it takes others years to achieve.

PINC internship offers young women the opportunity to embark on an adventure that not only includes travel and new experiences, but the chance to gain hands-on experience in international companies and interact with professionals from all over the world. I just wish that something like this would have been available when I was starting my career!”

Karmen, Academy Manager

“PINC internship is an amazing, innovative program which gives young and ambitious girls the opportunity to gain international experience in their chosen fields of study and fosters an environment of diversity and tolerance. Given that our company prides itself on having a staff from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities, the collaboration with PINC seemed like the perfect fit.

As a host company we have the opportunity to positively influence an intern’s career and it has been exhilarating to see the level of determination and enthusiasm our PINC intern had in her 8 weeks with us. Offering this placement has been rewarding for us in many ways. With her own unique experiences and culture she has helped us to further understand and embrace the diversity in the company, with her creativity her eagerness and her talent, she has brought a vast number of new ideas and ways of thinking which contributed to our company’s success.

PINC is a great win win program for any organization/company wanting to make a difference in their community. The collaboration with the founder has been professional and friendly and the quality of interns and the service provided has been outstanding! I cannot recommend this program highly enough and I look forward to meeting many more PINC interns in the years to come!”


Kristin O.,  Productivity Coach, Author and Founder of TopResultsCoaching 

“It was such a pleasure to facilitate one of the workshops in the PINC Internship program. I have never come across such a comprehensive and unique program focused on giving young woman key skills to boost their professional and personal skills together – while travelling and having fun at the same time. However, it is not only about the skills, experiences, and contacts that set this program apart, but it is what Lisette personally brings to it that really takes it to another level. Working with Lisette has been an absolute pleasure from day one, she is a sure mix of professionalism and fun at the same time. I highly recommended this program and Lisette as well.”

Vanessa S., Intercultural Specialist 

“The PINC Internship is an option that didn’t exist when I wanted to study abroad – and I wish it had! One of the hardest things to launching a professional career after university is to graduate with already having had work experience. Interning is essential for success, and with the work world of today – so is international experience. PINC is the solution to any college students hopes to graduating with international work experience under their belt – and a strong network of supporters to help them network and make connections. Young women can make an impact in their success as professionals by jumping on opportunities like PINC offers”

Maria N., Communications Coach 

“I facilitated a workshop on Communication Skills, with an emphasis on how each individual is seen by others. As a group, the girls explored each other’s unique personalities, and how each trait can be used to communicate their highest value. The girls had so much fun with this! It seemed that they learned many things that surprised them, and shy smiles appeared to be an indicator of a boost of self-confidence. They used what they learned to give a presentation at the end of the workshop, where we also discussed body language. One of the things I greatly admire about Lisette, is how influential she is as a powerful leader, strong and assertive, bold and not afraid to challenge the girls, but yet, she’s so warm and friendly. It was clear that each of those girls respectfully listened when Lisette spoke, yet they knew that if they needed anything, they could turn to her with complete trust.”

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