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Welcome to PINC: Professional Immersions for Networking & Connections.

Our programs are broken down into 3 main components that give you the real 360-degree abroad experience any student and future employer could ask for: Learning Language | Experiencing Culture | Professional Development. student_1_pinc

PINC believes that empowering and educating young women on an international level is the key to building confident and innovative leaders of the future.

This program is for young women (+18) who crave to live abroad, practice Spanish, build hard and soft skill sets while experiencing Spain like a local. This unique program leaves students inspired, empowered and excited to show off their improved resume!student_2_pinc

Madrid 8-week summer internship

Want to intern abroad and be part of an international team while learning Spanish culture and language? Ready, set, resume, go!

Madrid 2-week summer immersion

Immerse yourself into the Spanish language, discover Madrid activities and professional workshops during this program.

Madrid 2-week winter immersion

Ring  in the New Year and see how Madrid lights up in the wintertime. Also enjoy Spanish classes, cultural activities and workshops.

Barcelona 2-week summer immersion

Can you say sun and sand? We can with this immersion program in Barcelona! Spanish classes, city activities and workshops.

Request a booklet here, which goes into a detailed of who we are, the program, housing, safety and more.student_3_pincAre you open to: Language? Adventure? Personal and professional growth?

If you answered YES to all three of these questions. STOP right now and go right to apply! Or keep reading 🙂 We’re here to guide and support you throughout these three phases abroad.

In theory, anyone 18+ can apply to be a PINC intern. We focus on attitude and aspirations to be become part of the PINC legacy – and we don’t use the word lightly!

We look for young women interested in growing as a person by immersing themselves in a foreign language, exploring another culture, making connections, and doing it all with a positive attitude. Our interns all have one thing in common  – the drive to make their time abroad count. Whatever your story is, we encourage you to be willing to face the obstacles and, with our help, overcome them. Finally, you also need to be able to have fun.

So if you are open to learn, grow, and connect, then the chances are you will successfully secure a spot with us.student_4_pincThe PINC programs to Spain can’t be missed! We know the stress that goes into looking and getting accepted into programs abroad and we look to make this process as painless as possible. Answer the questions in order for us to get to know you better. APPLY TODAY, CHANGE FOREVER. here.

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