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PINC: Professional Immersions for Networking & Connections is a female-focused educational and adventurous opportunity that offers internship and immersion programs in Spain.

PINC is for young women (18+) who want to live abroad, practice Spanish, network with professionals, build hard and soft skill sets and experience Spain like a local.  This unique program leaves students inspired, empowered and excited to show off their improved resume!


Madrid 8-Week Summer Internship

Have an unforgettable summer! Language, work experience, workshops, and weekends to travel! Be Madrid’s newest resident in this 8-weeks internship experience. Enjoy living the city life, attend networking events, be part of our mentorship program and spend the weekends traveling around Europe. This program sets your resume apart from others and develops hard and soft skills. Please read a more detail breakdown here. ***


Madrid 2-Week Summer Immersion

Dive head first into the summer Spanish culture! This programs includes Spanish classes, cultural activities, such as: a flamenco show, tapas tour, Royal Palace, Retiro Park and more. Enjoy a weekend in Barcelona – 3 days, 2 nights, attend networking events, shadow or have an informational interview with an industry expert for in-depth insight and attend skill building workshops.  After the two weeks, you will leave feeling confident personally and professionally, and with a true sense of the Spanish lifestyle! Please read a more detail breakdown here. ***

***All program include housing in a shared apartment in the city center, a starter pass for public transport, onsite coordinator available 24/7, insurance, airport pick up, cellphone SIM card with data, assistance with travel arrangements, welcome pack, pre and post program online session and more.  There is a price breakdown for programs that can be located here.