PINC Internship Placements

Working placements in international business setting – talk about a resume builder! See the different companies you could work with through PINC Internship Placements.

The opportunity to work in an International company based in Madrid.

The opportunity to work in an International company based in Madrid.


PINC Internship will secure you a 5-week internship at one of various international companies located in Madrid, from intimate startup companies to larger established ones. Each company goes through a rigorous selection process to ensure they are ready and able to support a PINC intern – you!  This is to ensure that you will be learning and growing as much as possible from your work experience.  Before starting your internship, we will go through the importance of goal-setting and how to utilize the skills you learned in college, while learning new skills and aspects of business. We provide hands-on support throughout the five weeks to ensure you get the most out of your internship. PINC works hard to provide an internship and atmosphere that will meet your needs and expectations, as well as challenge you professionally.

We have strong communication with each internship and they are aware you are not there to be “cheap labor”. We provide each company with a manual of what the PINC program is looking for in an internship placement. We meet with each coordinator and ensure that you will be working on a project or in an atmosphere where you will be supported and be able to hone and learn new skills. Does this mean you may also have to learn how to use the photocopier, scanner, and run to the post office? YES! We all have to do that, and that’s part of being on team. More importantly, companies know that you are a professional-in-training who is capable of contributing to large tasks and projects and working on teams, and who is looking to learn new skills and add to cultural diversity.

Goal setting will be established, as well as a final appraisal at the end of the 5 weeks with your internship manager. PINC expects a strong work ethic, an eager interest in your work, a positive and proactive attitude. These are the type of contacts you want to have for the future and honing these international networking skills will serve to strengthen your business skills.

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