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PINC Founder, Lisette Miranda, featured in ‘Thirty Under 30′ #2

PINC Founder, Lisette Miranda, featured in ‘Thirty Under 30′ #2

UAlbany’s Magazine Thirty Under 30

They’re well educated. They’re original. They’re young. And they’re all University at Albany alumni and students! In this issue, we proudly present UAlbany magazine’s version of “Thirty Under 30,” a salute to some younger alumni – and future alumni – who have already accomplished great things.

PINC's Founder Lisette Miranda on the cover of her alma mater, University at Albany

PINC’s Founder Lisette on the cover of her alma mater, University at Albany



University at Albany featuring Lisette & PINC at #2!

University at Albany featuring Lisette Miranda & PINC at #2!

6 Reasons to Experience Spain with PINC this Summer!

“Let me ask one more time: If you could do one thing this summer that would create the biggest positive impact for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The answer is: Go to Europe with PINC! If you somehow need to be convinced to spend time in Spain, here are six reasons why this will be a fantastic opportunity for you:”

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Searching for an Internship While Abroad? Tips to Land Current Opportunities

“Have you ever thought about landing an internship while abroad?  Interning in another country can not only allow you to gain some work experience in a particular career field, but also learn about a different culture.  In order to make this goal a reality, you must prepare ahead of time.  So, what do you need to know?  Here are some tips to help you get one of the current internship opportunities available during your time abroad.”

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 “Each week I highlight all of the awesome new internship opportunities on the site. As we get closer to summer, more and more students are asking me if it’s too late to intern abroad this summer. My answer? Not at all! There are still a ton of organizations with internship slots available in places from Madrid and London to Buenos Aires. Interning or studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences during your college career. Take a look at the opportunities below and plan your adventure of a lifetime!

1. PINC Internship

Professional Internships for Networking & Connections is a female-focused summer internship program in Madrid, Spain. Students can either apply to an 8-week internship or a 3-week immersion program. PINC believes that empowering and educating young women is the key to building confident, inspiring, and innovative minded women of the future! #launchingleadership.”

A Conversation with PINC Internship Founder Lisette Miranda

“What has been the most rewarding part of creating PINC so far?

All the young women I meet and talk to are truly inspiring. I entered college in 2002 and graduated in 2006 – yup, proudly dating myself. And since then, think about how so much has changed with the advancement of technology (I sound like my mother). But seriously, I am so fascinated to see how much young women are driven and passionate about subjects, and I think it’s largely due to how technology has allowed them to break gender stereotypes and norms because they can connect with anyone across the globe.

You can now see successful people who look like you, speak your language, share your religion and values and it’s not just within the four walls of your home. At the end of the programs, the students tell me “this experience changed my life,” “this has been the best summer of my life,” and “I feel like I’m a different person,” and I always tell them that each and every one of them has changed and inspired me. It’s an invaluable experience for me as much as it is for them.”

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 #FabFriFeature – Lisette Miranda

“What are your top three tips to be wealthy… in heels?: Learn something new everyday, so you’re wealthy in knowledge. Make sure you love and believe in what you do, so you’re wealthy emotionally. Make sure the process to obtain your product/service is crystal clear, so your bank account is wealthy.”

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Careers in Spain: Lisette M., CEO of PINC Internship

“Tell us more about PINC and what participants can expect.

Nowadays I’m back in New York City and have launched my own business, PINC Internship. PINC is an internship abroad program for young women, and I work with students who are in college, on a gap-year or completing a masters who, instead of doing their summer internship in their hometown or near their college, they do it in Madrid!

I was inspired to launch this program when I came across several Americans doing their internships abroad and I noticed there was a need for a female-focused program that had support before, during and after. So, after a little encouragement and a large shove – I designed the PINC program. Now I live 10 months in NYC and 2 months in Madrid – not too shabby!”

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PRIVATE ICON: Lisette Miranda of PINC Internship

“It’s been eight years since I graduated from university. I feel like I bottled up eight years into an eight week experience that touches upon all the milestones of being a young woman and packaged it up nicely and put a little bow on top.” Read more here.


Expat Interview: Lisette Miranda

“CiM: Was it easy to make friends in Madrid?
LM: Madrid is such a cosmopolitan city and because of this, getting involved is very easy. There are meet groups for many different interests, including language exchanges, networking events, theatre groups, running groups, and so much more. The American community in particular is a very strong and supportive one. I think being social and creating a support network here is very realistic. You will get as much from it as you give!” Read more here.