Note from the Founder

Interested in PINC? Read this note from the founder, Lisette Miranda, to learn more about this incredible opportunity.

Founder Lisette Miranda

Founder Lisette Miranda                                  Photo Credit: Gayana G Photography

“Hi Guapas! I’m Lisette and I wanted to take a quick moment to send you this note: The PINC experiences are all about creating a real 360-degree experience abroad. One that will challenge and change you! An experience that gives your the perfect taste of living, learning and enjoying your time in Madrid.

So, why did I start PINC? Because I’ve lived through this experience! 5 years to be exact, and because of that I’ve developed programs that really are the best aspects about travel, learning abroad, and career advice. I’m passionate about giving young women the opportunities for professional growth, to help you lean in and have your place at the table. I love fostering mentorships and collaborations among females to see EVERYONE succeed. And finally, because I believe that empowering and educating young women on an international level is the key to building confident and innovative leaders of the future!

I hope you will take this journey with me. I’ll be by your side like a mom, a big sister and even at times a friend to photobomb your selfies. ;)”



I’m Lisette Miranda, from Queens, NY. After graduating from University at Albany in 2006, I faced many of the challenges, as did my peers, which came with the financial crisis. Graduating with a degree didn’t guarantee job security. On top of it, my resume was a bit underwhelming.

In 2007, I took a job as an entry-level marketing coordinator in Manhattan and built my Marketing, Public Relations and Event planning skills. In 2009, I moved to Madrid, Spain to teach English, learn Spanish and travel. I got hired at TtMadrid, a teacher training academy,  as a sales and marketing coordinator. I lived in Madrid 5 years, and worked my way up to the top of the company, while also obtaining a Masters in Bilingual and Multicultural Education, learning Spanish, and travelling.  In addition, networking and building all the skills that would make PINC Internship a success. I want young women to have a way to do what I did – but for 8 weeks not 5 years.

January 2014, I returned to NYC to incorporate PINC stateside. PINC, is an internship program abroad for young women.  I took my 8 years of personal and professional growth and created an 8-week experience for ladies who were in my same position. In addition, I created a 3-week immersion program. PINC is a program designed for ambitious young women looking to gain international work experience, learn Spanish, travel, network and build overall confidence.

This program builds future female leaders, by bringing them out of their comfort zone to Spain while building their personal and professional skills.

While in New York, I currently a member of StepUp (NY) and United Women in Business (NY) and a mentor & volunteer with organizations such as; The Women’s Young Leadership Schools, City Year, Delta Phi Epsilon HQ and speak at colleges (and High Schools) to students about women in business, entrepreneurship, personal branding and more.

I want young women to have a strong resume filled with practical work experience, language skills, accomplished projects and international references. I loved how my challenges encouraged me to take chances, trust myself and be creative. I found my voice in this professional world and I am now helping other young women find theirs.

I hope you will join me for the PINC experience!


Lisette Miranda

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