My Immersion Experience in Madrid

My Immersion Experience in Madrid

“Same smile and goosebumps every day for three weeks as if it were the first day.”

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Waking up at 7 in the morning, open the windows to let the cool morning breeze in, and look straight across the alley that lead directly to Chocolateria San Gines, where you can devour the most delicious ‘churros con chocolate’ never did get old. Same smile and goosebumps every day for three weeks as if it were the first day. Only one week has already passed! We did Spanish classes for this first week and although it’s my mother tongue, I discovered her versatility with the unfamiliar Spanish accent and expressions. She showed depths in discussions of the Spanish culture and the differences or similarities in between Spanish, Mexican, and Dominican language habits.


Immersion experience in Madrid

As a Linguistics major, it was all too refreshing and motivating to pursue translating as a career. Our teacher, Theresa, was a delightful woman who truly made it such an easy experience to absorb so much information in one week. We would cover a topic the first half of the class day and during the last half we’d go and converse with other students over things such as the festivals held each month during the year in Spain. In the future, I hope to visit each is these celebrations but for now, I’m ready to embrace the second week of this adventure!

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Today I’m heading to a walking tour of Madrid, starting at Plaza Mayor. The day flew by hearing of the origins of the town, it’s former humility and of the beautiful country’s monarchy. The heat is intense as usual but the sites of the cathedral, the palace, and the graffiti makes you almost ignorant to it. I enjoy learning about the journey from Madrid being an “underdog” town to the nation’s proud capital, it makes you even more proud to be there. To top off the walking tour we pop over to the famous San Miguel Market to enjoy the taste and smell of Spanish tapas. That enhanced joy carries over to the next adventures like Segovia. Segovia which is most famous for The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, that was built A.D. 50, was remarkably well preserved. However, the San Milan church was easily my favorite unexpected gem to admire, I loved the serenity in it. It was barely lit, simple with old art. The week flew by even faster but was topped off with a tour of Las Ventas, the famous Madrid bullring! I’m not a big fan of bullfights, but the tour seemed too good to pass on and frankly, I’m in Madrid! Why not see something I never thought of seeing? I immediately was mesmerized by the Arabic architecture that was only enhanced by the audio tour. Hearing about the bullfighters honored with statues and actually stepping on the sand to look at the seats was very beautiful. Two weeks down, one to go.

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The last week was my favorite. The workshops were really eye opening! I learned more about how to make my personality work for me and help in achieving my goals. There were workshops on using social media to help your personal brand, how to fascinate your audience, and your learning style. I even got to shadow a non profit organization to see what it’s like to run one. Each mentor had so much knowledge they were eager to pass on. Although it was a short amount of time, it was packed with new foods, great people, and so many lessons on being a better professional and better woman. 

The return home was great. I came recharged, inspired, and ready for the next chapter in my life. I’m loving my new major and I am 2 exams away from being an official court interpreter. As in writing this, I have my trusty book of Spanish-English legal terms at my side that I’ve been carrying like a bible! It’s been two months since I came back home. I’m happy to be home but part of me remains in Madrid, and that in itself is worth so much.

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