Marvelous Madrid

Discover the beautiful Madrid with its relaxing parks, buzzing city, and lively night life. Explore your new summer city!

Summers in Madrid are filled with beautiful plazas and parks, and delicious food.

Summers in Madrid are filled with beautiful plazas and parks, and delicious food.

A summer internship abroad is an adventurous and exciting way to build your resume while seeing the world.  Here is what to expect while interning in marvelous Madrid.

In Madrid, the summer months are unlike any other. Throughout the year, Madrid is a very lively and fast paced, like any other cosmopolitan city. Once the weather warms up and jackets go into storage, you can feel a change in the tide.  It’s like Madrid and its inhabitants take a deep breath and sit back a bit to enjoy all of the splendor. It feels like Madrid is holding your hand casually walking through the historically rich streets, encouraging you to discover all its large and hidden treasures. One thing that is very common here is Spain’s love for outdoor seating whenever (and wherever) possible. Once the weather is just right, most restaurants, cafes, and bars find a way to use the side walk as an outside extension. After a day of work or during the weekend, you’ll find yourself calling friends to meet and sit outside for hours on end to and enjoy the weather, ambiance and a cold refreshing drink. Its in these moments you realize “I’m in Europe, I’m in Spain, wow, I’m living in Madrid!”.

Madrid is also filled with spacious parks and buzzing plazas. One famous park, Retiro Park, is known as “The Central Park of Madrid,” and is located in the city center. You can row boats in the large lake, relax and sunbathe on the large grassy landscape, or take a walk around to look at all the gardens and statues.   As for the plazas, there are too many to count. They have a sense of secrecy because you’ll never know when you are about to walk into a plaza, but trust me, they’re buzzing with people!  Many times, walking down quite an unassuming street will surprisingly open up into a large square.  Here, restaurants, bars, and shops are at your fingertips and create this welcoming “come sit down, relax, and have a drink” type of atmosphere. These social outings differ from American restaurants in the sense that you are expected to take your time and enjoy your company, not to worry about taking up the server’s table for a large portion of the night.  This welcoming and relationship-oriented culture will help you to loosen up and become more focused on the sweeter things in life (when you’re not on the job of course)!  Some of the notable and must-see plazas are Plaza Mayor, Dos de Mayo and Plaza España.

In addition to plazas, you will definitely want to explore the museums of Madrid during the daytime.  They offer history, art, and beauty, so you can learn about your new city home.  To name a few, the Botanical Gardens, Prada Museum, Temple of Debod, and many exhibits around the city are available to you, so take advantage of the culture while you are visiting this summer.  If you like to shop, make your way to Embajadores on Sundays to browse through the massive market full of many different varieties of goods from local vendors.  During the week, you can find many premium stores strewn throughout Salamanca and Goya, or for a tourist-heavy area, Sol and Gran Via!

Another noteworthy feature of the city is its easy-to-navigate Metro system. An affordable monthly pass (single passes are also available) will grant you access to the Metros stations which quickly connect to the major areas of the city.  These stops are within walking distance of many exciting places for you to explore.  Be prepared for some late nights ahead of you, because this city never sleeps.  With many young adults ready for a good time in the summer months, you are sure to meet many new friends and have countless things to do on the weekends.  Start your night with a late dinner at an outdoor restaurant or bar (late meaning around 9 or 10 pm!), and find your way to a night club or pub in Spain’s wonderful city.  Mind you, clubs start picking up around 2 am, which is when many American bars close!

When we say marvelous Madrid, we mean it!

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Plaza Mayor is one of the many outside summer terraces Madrid offers.

Plaza Mayor is one of the many outside summer terraces Madrid offers.


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