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PINC: Professional Immersions for Networking & Connections is an internship and study abroad program in Madrid designed for young women in college. This is a unique opportunity to set student’s resumes apart from millions with international experience. PINC is a fast-growing female networking community. Our programs are dedicated to learning Spanish, immersing students into the Spanish culture, building intercultural communication skills, and personal and professional growth.

We currently offer the following Madrid programs:

8-week Summer Internship
2-week Summer Immersion (with weekend in Barcelona)

PINC & Immersion Travel Magazine have partnered up to provide subscribers with an exclusive $300 off any PINC program*.


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Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student.

  • Globalization. Interact and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations,
  • Resume. Add: adaptability, ability to solve complex problems, intercultural communication skills, improved communication skills, global awareness.
  • Spanish. Hone your languages skills.
  • Opportunities. Companies are placing more value on international experience.
  • Networking. Meet new lifelong friends from different backgrounds.
  • Personal Development. Discover yourself while gaining an understanding of a different culture.
  • Confidence.  Research shows that going abroad is viewed important years later in shaping career mobility and influencing a student’s choice of graduate study or work abroad.

Let us here at PINC be your stepping stone to gain this life-changing experience and help you discover more about yourself on a global scale!

“Good news. I accepted a full time job offer from an advertising agency yesterday, yay! I wanted to tell you that the first thing people asked me about when interviewing was about PINC and my trip to Spain. I thought that was awesome, and I think it played a huge role in landing me a job-it really started the conversation smoothly and I even met 2 people who have traveled to Spain numerous times. Simple way to get a connection in off the bat. So thank you again for everything.” – Stephanie L., Western Michigan University

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