Day in the Life of My Internship Abroad in Madrid

Day in the Life of My Internship Abroad in Madrid

“I continue to be amazed with how perfectly everyone’s internship placement suited their personality.”


The prospect of having the opportunity to intern abroad is an exciting idea for many young women. That is why I was so excited when I found out that I would be participating in the PINC program and would have the opportunity to work in Madrid. After speaking with Lisette about my past work experiences and what I was studying in school, she contacted me and told me that she had a company in mind that might be a good fit for me. So we set up a Skype interview with my future boss and I got the chance to tell him about myself and what I hoped to learn in my internship. After that, the company said that they would be glad to have me, and the excitement really began to build once I knew where I would be working. Of course, I was also worried about how I would adapt to this work environment, but Lisette was there to answer any questions and quell my fears. My case was also special because a former PINC intern, Deirdre, actually worked in the company where I was placed. This was very helpful to me in terms of having someone that I felt comfortable asking questions to, and having a friendly face on my first day.

While every day at my internship brought something new and exciting, I definitely got into certain routines during the workweek. I worked at a startup called Spotahome, an online housing rental platform. Follow me through a typical work day and learn a bit more about what it is like to be placed in an internship with the help of PINC!

09:15 – Leave the residence: Every morning PINC intern Sydney and I left home a bit early to make sure we could get a cup of café con leche from the cafe down the street before getting on the Metro. In Madrid, you won’t find the type of coffee you are used to, so try this Spanish classic! Within a week, the woman at the coffee shop knew what we were going to order, and started preparing our drinks as soon as we walked in the door.


09:30 – Head to work: Navigating Madrid and getting to work using the Metro could not be easier! The stations are cleans and the signs are easy to follow, but if you have any questions the people working in the stations are very friendly and attentive. Sydney and I took the same train to work, 5 stops to Ruben Darío for me and 6 stops to Nuñez de Balboa for her. The excitement of the morning rush on the Metro never got old.

09:50 – Arrive at work: Although I didn’t start work until 10, I always liked to get there a few minutes early to give myself some time to settle in, and usually also to make myself another cup of coffee. On Friday mornings, we had office wide meetings with donuts, croissants, and other delicious breakfast items. During this time each department spoke about what they had been working on that week and what was on the horizon.

This was a great time for me to understand a bit more about the various aspects of the company that I was involved in. I gained a lot of insight into the challenges that other groups faced, but also heard a lot about their successes. My office was particularly positive and energetic, so the meetings also included acknowledgements of those that had done outstanding work, followed by applause, laughter, and hugs.

11:00 – Start work: After the meeting, I would make my way back into the part of the office where I worked and sat at my desk. My company actually had a lot of other interns, so sometimes on Friday’s my boss, the COO, would take time to teach us about some important aspect of the company’s operations. One week we learned about the importance of being able to measure all aspects of what your business is doing with tools like Google Analytics. We also learned about copyrights, patents, and registering domain names and URLs. He told us that he wanted us to know these things so that one day, when we owned our own companies, we would know how to do it the right way. In his words: “the one who learns, wins”.

My primary task was market research, but there were also many other things to be done in a day. There was a spreadsheet that outlined the various tasks that needed to be completed on a daily basis. Sometimes I would start with those things before finishing up a research report. Once everyone was settled into their work, our room became pretty quiet, but I always felt like I could ask questions if I needed any help.



14:00 – Lunch: In Madrid, the meal times may be quite different than you are used to. To eat lunch around noon or even 1pm would be too early, but I soon got used to this. Most days I brought food from home for lunch which was convenient because the office had a kitchen and we had a separate space for dining. Sometimes though, I would go out for food with friends from work, or meet up with another PINC girl to eat. Lunch was always another fun part of the day because it was a casual time where we talked about what we had done the previous night, or any exciting plans we had coming up.

Lunch was a nice time for me to get to talk to my coworkers in a more casual setting, and even to joke around. Usually, when there were new people who started working in the office, they ordered food for us so we could all be together and introduce everyone, which was what happened on my first day in the office. It was easy for me to get to know everyone in a relatively small company. One weekend, we even went on a retreat in the countryside!

15:00 – Back to work: In the final few hours after lunch, I was focused on completing anything that I was supposed to finish that day. It was usually around this time that myself and my fellow interns would make ourselves yet another cup of coffee.

17:00 – Leave work: Officially, my work day was done at 5, but I sometimes stayed a bit longer to be a part of a call to the US with my boss, or just to talk some more with work friends.

I continue to be amazed with how perfectly everyone’s internship placement suited their personality. My office was very young and filled with very hardworking and passionate people. Everyone was incredibly welcoming, and I learned so much from everyone in my office. There was not a day where I did not look forward to going to work, and I think there is something to be said for that!


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About the Author:

Amanda Amber Price, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am sophomore at Columbia University studying Economics and Political Science. In my free time I love to watch Jeopardy and go for runs. I believe that one of the best ways to learn is to open yourself up to new experiences, and this is particularly exciting when done through travel!


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