Student Writer


Love writing? Looking to build your resume? Have an opinion you want to share about college life? About post-grad life?


To start immediately.


PINC International is seeking passionate and motivated college students, graduate students, and recent graduates interested in being the voice of a global generation! This opportunity is perfect for self-motivated students who want to build a portfolio of writing. 


Once selected, writers will work with PINC to approve topics for a 3-part series. Your writing will be published on our website, sent out in our weekly newsletter and posted via Linkedin and on social media. If interested, please fill out the following application. Here are some relevant suggested topics to consider:

  • Apps to use for finding jobs
  • Ways to make money while in college
  • Language learning tips in college
  • Dorm life
  • Networking in college
  • Traveling in college


  • Articles are minimum 600 words.
  • Use correct punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • Be sure to include: personal anecdotes, tips, insights, and practical information. The more specific you can be, the better!
  • Title (subject to change)
  • We do not pay for contributed stories, but if they’re engaging to read and useful to our audience, we will energetically promote them, just like any other story that runs on our site.