Are you a PINC intern?

Learn, live, and work abroad as a PINC Intern: your perfect summer internship package!

What do we look for in a PINC intern?

Are you ambitious, open minded and up for an exceptional summer experience? Then the PINC internship is the summer program is what you are looking for. We aren’t looking for a cookie cutter intern, that fit into a specific category of studies or work experience – that’s not the real world and that is not us. We love diversity! We are looking for a variety of personalities and educational backgrounds. A PINC intern takes the qualities mentioned, makes them unique and owns it. With the PINC experience you will feel inspired and motivated aka a fabulous, fierce female! PINC offers fun and attainable structure. We understand you young adult females will want some independence and that its also summer time and you want to enjoy it! PINC insures that throughout your time with us you will have direction, purpose and you will shine.

The 8 weeks will be filled with a lot to absorb, in the program and outside of it, and we look for interns that are up and eager to the challenge.  Living and working abroad is no easy task, you will find language barriers, custom and cultural differences on a regular bases.   However, we assure you it will be a once in a lifetime experience.

We look for PINC interns that understand that you will have to learn how to use the photocopier, scanner, run to the post office and help locate a pen (there is always a pen thief in the office who strategically hides them to make your life miserable), because we all have to do that, and that’s what being part of team means. However, more importantly, companies know that you are a professional in training who is capable of contributing to large tasks and projects and working on teams, looking to learn new skills and add to cultural diversity.

Honestly we are a one stop shop! As a PINC intern you are placed in an internationally based company to build skills and contribute to a team. You learn a language and then get to practice it every day. Not only that, its Spanish! One of  the most widely spoken languages globally. Also, you get to live abroad in Madrid. Interning abroad on your summer vacation is “two birds one stone”. In addition, you have a full week of training courses specifically designed for women in business, where you will be building your personal and professional profile, as well as attending networking events with other international business people where you will be building a strong foundation of networking and connections.

Would you like a course booklet that goes more into detail about the PINC programs? Please fill out the information below and we will be in touch within the next 24 hours.