7 Ways to Fund Your Student Travels


Funding your travels can feel overwhelming at times. We have put together some financial tips to consider when inquiring with abroad programs.

  1. Career Service: Contact your career service department and see if they offer any scholarships. Many career centers have financial resources for summer or winter internships/opportunities for students on financial aid. They also have a list of outside fellowships for everyone. Please check the deadlines on those.
  2. Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding is def a great way to raise money. Instead of a birthday or graduation gift ask for friends and family to contribute for a better gift: MEANINGFUL TRAVEL. For example: PINC has partnered with FundMyTravel. FMT is a creative platform to communicate personal messages, keep your audience engaged with your travel plans, and collect the funding to help make this experience a possibility.
  3. Payment Plan: Ask if the abroad program offers a payment plan. Don’t forget to ask if that also includes interest.
  4. Barter: Are you a film student? photographer? writer? Be creative and offer an exchange of skill for a discount! Some organizations are always looking to work with new talent and are open to offer a discount if there is an equally beneficial exchange. Just make a proposal.
  5. Buddy Up: Its always work asking if you come on a program with a friend can you receive a discount. Sometimes even known as a referral discount.
  6. Scholly: Scholly is the simple, comprehensive and accurate scholarship matching platform, that turns the long months of searching for free money for college, into minutes. Most scholarships allow students to apply some of their funds towards abroad programs. Just download the app and start matching with scholarship money.
  7. Special Offers: Follow your programs fb page, instagram, twitter account, and newsletters to notice any exclusive offers.

We hope these tips bring you closer to your travel plans.

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