Wanna Go Abroad? Ask Yourself These Q’s!

4 Questions to Ask YOURSELF When Researching Programs Abroad.

“What should I be considering when researching about going abroad?”

International programs are exciting and hands-down some of the best memories ever! Many student don’t know where to begin when picking the right one for them. Picking a program depends on what you are looking for and what factors come into play for you:

  • Time of the year. Does season matter to you? Do you have a summer job to consider? Weddings or other life events to attend? Are you on a sports team and have training? Summer or Winter classes?  PINC programs are designed to occur when you are on vacation from school. So it DOESN’T interfere with your semesters, but we also understand that you have life to consider. This also follows perfectly into the next question.
  • Duration. How long can you go away for? Two weeks or two months? Duration effects goals and money. With PINC, are you excited to commit to living abroad two months? Or are you looking for a fun express-experience that highlights all the must sees and must dos?
  • Goals. Am I traveling for the experience? To build my resume? Meet new people? Travel? All of them! With PINC Internship vs Immersion: Are you looking to be immersed and build soft skills to bring back with you for future job/internship opportunities? Do you want to live like a local and build hard & soft skills?
  • Price. You are investing in an experience, one that will be giving a return of investment for the rest of your life. What’s your budget? What is included in the price? Flight? Housing? Insurance? Activities? Trips? Do they offer payment plans? Do payment plans include interest? PINC programs range from $6,000 USD to $2,750 USD, please note we do offer payment plans to those that qualify with NO interest.
  • Language. Will I be in a country with another language? What level of the language is recommend? How much or little opportunity will I have to practice the language. PINC has had students with beginner to advance level of Spanish and has been able to accommodate everyone. If full immersion is what you are looking for we can place you in an internship or day of shadowing that is completely in Spanish. Cultural activities are offered in both English and Spanish.

Bonus: Questions to ask during your interview or information session of an international abroad program?

  • Can I have an “alum chum”?
  • What costs should I be considering that are not included in the price?
  • What safety systems do you have in place?
  • Who is my go-to person while I’m in the country? How available will they be if I need them?
  • Where will we be living? Can you send me a description of the area and name? (so you can do your own research as well)


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